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tu m'inspires
tout le bon
le meilleur
meilleur que des bon bons l'amour
tu m'inspires tant d'amour...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Une Petite Ville Qui S'appelle Davis.

I visited the charming city of Davis, California over the weekend with my lovely friend Sheeva and her husband Chris. Since I'm going to school there in the fall, they gave me a tour of the campus and the downtown area. I must say: I have fallen in love with the quaint little stores and the endless rows of bicycles. Did you know that Davis is known as the bicycle capital of America? I believe that the bicycle population in Davis outnumbers that of cars! I haven't gone bicycle-shopping quite yet, but I can't wait! As I was walking along the tree-lined streets, I spotted the most adorable little boutique called Pinkadot. Isn't the name just darling? I ended up purchasing the Lollia perfume that you see above. It's such an enchanting fragrance-- flowering willow and lotus. And I just love the scripty, romantic bottle design.. Ahh, pretty fragrances, pretty boutiques, pretty trees.. All in a pretty town. Oh, I just can't wait for school to start. :)

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Sarah Dee said...

My feelings exactly, nothing is better than the first day back at school. Sounds like you had a very lovely time!!


p.s thank you for your sweet comment!

Mila said...

wow, that looks like such a great place,
and that perfume bottle looks amazing, i always love the floral/bird printed stuff. :)
great blog you have, i'll add you to my blogroll!

have a lovely week,


jozen said...

that shop is just too adorable for words!

i just got a cruiser bike for my birthday! can't wait to ride it around :)

and flowers pick themselves said...

oooh, lovely!

xo Alison

Danica Keeley said...

anh, this is so hard. i thought i was the crazy one trying to explain it. but you understood exactly what i was trying to say. so yes, i would like to put the two together...but how? that is the question now.
and yes, they are the same ones. i like to put flowers in my room but then i always end up bringing them back downstairs because if they are in my room...i forget to water them. haha

S and O said...

I love riding bikes I think I would fit right in -- hahahaha :)

cute shop!


thimbles and gingham said...

that shop does look, oh so, cute.

Mary-Laure said...

What a lovely fragrance bottle! Sometimes I feel like buying perfume just because the bottle is too pretty...

Melissa Blake said...


ch▲r said...

this shop looks just adorable! i'll have to track it down on my wanderings one day....
thank you so so much for your sweet comment!! i couldn't stop smiling after i got it ♥

SavedthruLove said...

your quite adorable and it seeps through your writing. i would very much like to travel up to davis. it looks like a lovely little town girl.. so peaceful and unlike the city.. i need a nice vacation of the sort<3

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