A Little French Tune.

tu m'inspires
tout le bon
le meilleur
meilleur que des bon bons l'amour
tu m'inspires tant d'amour...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A night to remember.

{ Prom 2010 }

A fabulous dance,
A lovely dinner,
An incredible date.

What a magical evening!
In other words:
a night I shall always remember.


The photos were taken by his mother, who is currently studying photography! The lighting and the weather was just perfect-- it couldn't have turned out any better than it did. She did such a fabulous job, and I am so grateful to have had a personal photographer that day!

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Anonymous said...

wow, these are so beautiful! thanks for sharing :) you're really pretty!

Danica said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha

Danica said...

well, gee, his mom takes SUPER good photos. they are very artistic...they don't look like the typical: okay, a pose on the stairs, okay, smile, okay, picture of you putting the corsage on. hahaha

Ke said...

The photos are truely amazing!

magnoliaamber said...

You are so lucky! both of you are so charming and what a very friendly mother his is! You are, again, very lucky!

Oh dear I'm so happy for you!

Urban Legendary said...

Your dress is gorgeous!
Lovely blog...I'll definitely be following!

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