A Little French Tune.

tu m'inspires
tout le bon
le meilleur
meilleur que des bon bons l'amour
tu m'inspires tant d'amour...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Let's take a stroll under the sea...

1 Barabara Cole 2 Barabara Cole 3 Barabara Cole 4 source unknown 
5 Barabara Cole 6 Barabara Cole 7 source unknown 8 Barabara Cole

Why is it that people are so drawn to the ocean?
Perhaps it's the fact that we all originated there.
Whatever it is, the deep waters of the sea hold so much mystery and beauty,
and I think Barabara Cole has captured just that. Agreed?

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magnoliaamber said...

they are indeed lovely. The water does not look scary and dark as it usual looks to me:)

Susie said...

The second and forth pictures are particularly beautiful. So much gracefulness...

Elie's Papel said...

amazing pictures... under water photos are so magical and ethereal... ;)

Celeste said...

I love the last picture. It's so crisp and fluid...makes me feel like I'm floating. Underwater pictures are always so peaceful. I wish I had a waterproof camera!!

Isadora Filković said...

I absolutely love these underwater shots, they are magnificent!

valncami said...

What beautiful photos! thank you for your lovely comment. You have a very nice blog too:)

goldmorning said...

love under water photos.

Lara said...

I love these under water photos... I have some on my blog too, but I love yours. So ethereal and beautiful!
Loved your Julie and Julia post as well. LOVE that movie!

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